The M&F 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out the hottest gifts for fitness enthusiasts from our partners here at M&F.

Check out the hottest gifts for fitness enthusiasts from our partners here at M&F.

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Pain Gift Set by CBDMEDIC

Decking the halls this holiday season may leave you with sore muscles and discomfort. CBDMEDIC Pain Gift Set helps relieve minor muscle and joint distress from things like strains, sprains, and bruises. With ingredients from nature, this gift set will bring sore spots temporary relief. All products can be applied before, during, or after your workouts, so sore muscles won’t slow you down this winter!

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Sleep Gift Set by Charlotte’s Web

Enjoy silent nights this winter with the Charlotte’s Web Sleep Gift Set. Their Sleep Gummies include the renowned natural sleeping aid melatonin and Charlotte’s Web full-spectrum hemp extract with CBD. This natural blend will support sound and regular sleeping cycles during this holiday season – perfect for a loved one ready for quality sleep.*

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Trifecta Nutrition

Let Trifecta handle the meal prep, shopping, and cooking.

The perfect gift for those looking to take their nutrition to the next level. Trifecta’s science-backed approach to meal delivery provides organic, nutrient-dense foods made just for you. It is meal prep without the guesswork. Trifecta does the meal planning, shopping, and cooking, so you can focus on everything else — a great gift for busy people who want to triple down on their fitness goals.

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A Naturally Alkaline (7.8pH) Mineral Spring Water with naturally occurring electrolytes.

Begin this holiday season and your New Year’s resolution early for a healthier lifestyle by starting with what you drink. Offset or avoid the sugary drinks with natural mineral spring water – Northern Chill.

Hydrate often and enjoy the satiny, smooth, and soft feel and taste of Northern Chill – you’ll want to drink more water and this will help you meet your hydration goals!

Treat yourself, your loved ones, and your friends to this great tasting, healthy, and Naturally Alkaline bottled water!

Remember to Work-Play-Hydrate with Northern Chill!

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Give The Gift Of Muscle And Strength With Anafuse

Want to WOW! the fitness aficionados in your life, give them the gift of transformation this holiday season.  Give Anafuse by Vital Alchemy, the number one ranked natural anabolic that works to add more muscle mass and help reduce fat. Help your fitness buff reach their fitness goal of a gorgeous glowing physique of muscle and power, give them Anafuse from Vital Alchemy.

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Spread The Cheer Give A Beach Body This Year With Alpha Lean-7

Let’s face it, the holiday season can be murder on the waistline.  This year help those in your life beat the bulge, give them Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements.  Alpha Lean-7 has been ranked the No. 1 fat burner for the past 4 years running. Alpha Lean-7 is called the fat burner you experience, that’s because of its intense metabolic rate increasing thermogenesis and appetite suppression. Help that someone special finally keep their New Year’s beach body resolutions.  Inspire them this holiday season and give Alpha Lean-7.

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Sheer CLA 1500

CLA 1500 for Women consists of Conjucated Linoleic Acid(CLA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid found in safflowers which research suggests may aid the body in burning fat for energy while also retaining lean muscle mass. Our popular formula is used by women around the world who are working towards a lean, fit figure all while maintaining strength!

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Fully integrated, wireless compression boots to help relieve muscle pain and swelling, by increasing blood flow and flushing toxins with a high-tech compression massage.

Feel relief aid anywhere, anytime with Compex® Ayre™ compression boots. Designed for therapists, coaches, elite and recreational athletes on-the-go, Ayre is a therapeutic product using intermittent pneumatic compression. When exercising, the body builds up lactic acid as a biproduct of muscle contraction. Ayre compression boots work to break up these small molecules and send stimulus to your nervous system. These compression boots are designed to help improve blood flow and circulation in the legs by mobilizing lactic acid, access fluids, and other toxins. Compex Ayre uses a dynamic pulsing compression up the limbs in waves for the duration of its use, which helps promote quick healing.  Sit back, power up the boots, and enjoy your recovery for up to 60 minutes anywhere on a single charge.

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Accelerate your recovery with Jawku’s state of the art percussion therapy massage guns. Feel better. Perform better. Take your recovery to the next level. The Jawku Muscle Blaster line was developed to assist the body’s own healing mechanisms through self-massage. You’ve put in the time with nutrition and training, now, take it to the next level by adding a warm up and recovery tool to get you past those hurdles and hit your next goals. Jawku’s performance massage gun line was developed to support athletes, competitors, and teams become the best performing machines they can be.

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Anything you can do with a dumbbell or kettlebell, you can do with a BullBell – plus a ton more. With over 130 weighted exercises, and a weight range from 5lbs – 50lbs, you can work every major muscle group. BullBells pack small and light, making them great to travel with. Made in the USA.

Special Offer for Muscle & Fitness fans. Use discount code MF3030 to get 30% your next order!

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Gift yourself a WOLFpak Backpack for the Holidays!

Introducing our Limited Edition Olympia Black WOLFpak!

Available in 2 sizes, 45L and 25L! Show everyone at the gym your personal journey by customizing your pak with one or many of our patches!

Check us out at for our colorful lineup of backpacks, water flasks, patches and accessories!

Every wolf needs a pak, especially at the Holidays!

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Cute Booty

Our brand new “Holiday Slay” is from our Cute Booty Active line. It features a sparkling metallic low rise waistband and our signature Cute Booty Scrunch Pockets to help you feel extra sexy and confident in the gym!  This legging runs true to size and is 82% Active Poly and 18% Spandex. It’s the perfect pair of leggings this Holiday Season!

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