Our 10-Minute Pilates DVD for Women Is 20% Off on Amazon Right Now

Save $$$ on a gentle program that tones your arms, abs, and legs at home!

Considering current events, you’re far from alone if you haven’t prioritized your fitness in these past months. But if you’re feeling ready to ease back into exercising, Pilates is a gentle but effective way to tone your body from head-to-toe.

Amy Kiser Schemper, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, designed Prevention’s 10-Minute Pilates workout DVD to help you get moving, ease stress, and tone up.

10 Minute Pilates: The Sculpting Pilates Workout That Does It All in 10 Minutes Prevention amazon.com $27.95 SHOP NOW

Oh, and did we mention you can snag 20% off the retail price of $27.95, for a grand total of $22.36, today only? (Note: The deal starts at 6 p.m. EST and ends at 12 a.m. EST.)

Prevention’s 10-Minute Pilates comes with six fun Pilates workouts that focus on breathing, stretching, and lengthening your muscles. And these beginner-friendly exercises only take 10-minutes, which makes it easy to fit into your busy day. Amy also provides variations of each move to match your skill-level so you can discover the power of small, gentle movements to help you sculpt your arms, abs, and legs.

As one reviewer puts it, “Ten minute increments are perfect. The exercises are great for an older woman and Amy gives a variety of levels for each move. I love it”

Although Prevention’s 10-Minute Pilates normally retails for $27.95, this Amazon lightning deal means it’s a few dollars off today only from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. EST. If you’re ready to get back on track with your fitness goals, now’s the best time to order yours.

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