Kate Hudson, 42, Shared Her Intense Lower-Body Workout for Strong Legs on Instagram

We feel the burn just watching this! 😅

  • Kate Hudson demonstrated her three leg-day exercises on Instagram.
  • Followers speculate the routine is part of the Tracy Anderson Method.
  • Hudson has been consistently sharing clips of her fitness plan on social media.

    We can’t get enough of actress Kate Hudson’s hardcore fitness routine. In the last few weeks, she’s given her Instagram followers a peek into the intense workouts she’s been doing with trainer Brian Nguyen, from total-body strength moves to arms-and-abs exercises. Now, she’s giving fans a look into her Pilates-inspired leg-day routine—and it looks seriously tough.

    In the first of three videos, Hudson kneels on a folded yoga mat. While using a folding chair for balance, she lunges into her right leg before kicking it back into a donkey kick-like movement. She wears ankle weights for added resistance.

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    In the second video, the actress kicks her right leg back, to the right, back again, and brings her knee forward into a crunch, before finally lifting up onto her left leg into a single leg downward dog position. She chats with Nguyen on the side, laughing through the movements.

    In the third video, Hudson kneels on her right leg and grips the folding chair in front of her for stability. She performs a donkey kick and powers through the final sets of her routine.

    Hudson has been performing most of her training with Nguyen, but many followers speculate this particular workout is part of the Tracy Anderson Method, a program Hudson has turned to previously for a killer sweat sesh. The workouts focus on activating small muscles and keeping them consistently challenged to strengthen and lengthen.

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    This video shortly follows an intense ab workout video, where Hudson holds a bear plank position and alternates between swinging each knee to the opposite side. Nguyen can be heard cheering her on in the background, counting her down until her very last move.

    She captioned the video, “I love when it’s over! Getting stronger and tighter with movements but it never gets EASIER! We keep going,” which may be one of the most relatable posts we’ve seen on Instagram recently.

    This story originally appeared on: Prevention.com - Author:Arielle Weg