Eddie Hall Credits His 90-Pound Weight Loss to Walking Every Morning

Boxing and a change in diet have certainly helped, but Hall says walking is the real secret.

Since winning the World's Strongest Man title in 2017, Eddie Hall's body has gone from swole to jacked.

Of course that has a lot to do with swapping his heavyweight weight sessions and an all-you-can-eat diet for boxing training and a meticulously thought out nutrition program, but, according to Hall, that swap isn't the biggest factor in his 90-pound weight loss.

According to him, his mile-and-a-half morning walks are the real secret behind his new lean and mean physique.

"I would say the biggest change for me is adding in daily walks," says Hall, "just every day getting up in the morning and walking a mile and a half. Some mornings I run and some mornings I walk, but every single day I get up and do a mile and a half, and I take my dog out. It helps me clear my mind, sets me up for the day and it's a great way of getting exercise in, and I genuinely believe that's why the weight has fallen off me."

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While his morning walks have become sacrosanct, Hall says he's not militant about them. He doesn't use any tracking devices, nor does he try to get a certain number of steps in. He just shows up every morning and speeds up or slows down depending on how he feels.

"I don't use any of those fucking Fitbits or anything like that; I find them really stressful," says Hall. "I just I just go with the flow. I don't put any marker on it; I just do it all by feel."

Hall was forced to pull out of his long-awaited fight with his arch-enemy and fellow former strongman Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson after suffering a gruesome bicep injury. Their meeting – dubbed the World's Strongest Fight – has been postponed until next year.

However, having successfully negotiated surgery, Hall is now back in training, but, he says, he has lost none of his to desire to beat Thor, who he hasn't forgiven for saying he cheated his way to the World's Strongest Man title in 2017. "I want to snap the chin off that bloke," says Hall.

Even though he's now 90 pounds lighter, we wouldn't fancy standing across the ring from him. Good luck, Thor.

From: Men's Health UK

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