Gabrielle Union Launches Nutritious Drink Mixes for Kids

The drink mix comes in four flavors including blue raspberry and cotton candy.

  • Gabrielle Union launches Bitsy's Swish, an electrolyte and immunity-boosting drink mix for kids.
  • She serves as co-founder of the all-clean snack brand, alongside fellow moms and co-founders, Alex Buckley and Maggie Patton.
  • Free of artificial colors and sweeteners, the drink mix comes in four flavors: Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Cotton Candy—and is exclusively available at

    Gabrielle Union has added another job to her already astounding resume: business owner.

    In a recent video posted to Instagram Wednesday, the mother, actress, New York & Company clothing designer, and co-founder of the all-clean snack brand Bitsy's, revealed footage of her drinking the brand's first-of-its-kind immunity drink mix called Bitsy's Swish. It's specifically designed for kids to add to water to "swish" and sip on the go.

    "Bitsy's is a company I co-founded to help bring healthy snacks and drinks to families everywhere," said Union. "And we're kicking it off it with Bitsy's Swish, some immune-boosting hydration-filled mixes for your kids."

    The brand has released four delicious flavors: Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, and Cotton Candy. Designed to keep kids hydrated, Bitsy's Swish is filled with nutrient-rich ingredients. "It's so important for us to be getting extra hydration into our kids these days. That's why we've also packed these with flavor for an energy-filled power-up," said Union.

    The mixes include electrolytes to support exercise recovery and increase stamina, organic stevia, and monk fruit—for low-sugar sweetness. Each grab-and-go stick has only one gram of added sugar per serving, a dose of vitamin C, and zinc to help strengthen your little ones' immune systems.

    "Our goal has always been to make kids' snacks and drinks that are healthy, tasty, and most importantly, accessible for all families," said Union per Bitsy's press release. What makes the mix even more special is that it's free from artificial colors and sweeteners, unlike many other drink mixes available. It's also not only created to hydrate little bodies but it's also made to fuel adults, too!

    The drink mixes are also super affordable and available for purchase exclusively at Walmart. Each box is under $5 and comes with six single-serving drink mix sticks. To use, Union says you just need to open up a single packet and "mix it with your water, swish, and sip."

    Mom's everywhere are also loving the hydration drink sticks. "My kids love this! It's perfect for lunch boxes and to take to sports practice (for the entire team)," wrote one satisfied Walmart customer. "And I love feeling good about what's going in their growing bodies. Thank you Bitsy's for making this smart product—finally, something that isn't full of artificial ingredients but still tastes delicious."

    "My picky eater candy-loving kid LOVES this drink," added another reviewer. "While Cotton Candy is a different flavor, my kids are fans of it so yay for mom. I bought it for school so they have something to put into their water bottles."

    Cotton Candy Electrolyte and Immunity Drink Mix Bitsy's $4.98 SHOP NOW Blue Raspberry Electrolyte and Immunity Drink Mix Bitsy's $4.98 SHOP NOW Fruit Punch Electrolyte and Immunity Drink Mix Bitsy's $4.50 SHOP NOW Organic Graham Crackers Bitsy's $19.99 SHOP NOW

    To keep your families hydrated and happy (and yourself, of course), try some of the Bitsy's Swish popular flavored drink sticks and crackers here.

    Shauna Beni is the Associate Commerce Editor at Prevention.

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