Cindy Crawford, 55, Shares Her Favorite Shower Products for Smooth, Radiant Skin All-Over

Her husband even uses her favorite body wash!

    When it comes to supermodels sharing beauty secrets, we’re all ears—especially where Cindy Crawford is concerned. Known for her youthful, radiant-looking skin and perfectly coiffed, voluminous hair, it’s no surprise that Crawford’s beauty routine involves paying attention to every part of her body, not just her face.

    In a recent interview with New Beauty, the star spilled a few of her must-have beauty secrets, and her favorite shower products and exfoliating technique to keep her skin soft and moisturized.

    “My mother never wore makeup and used soap and water on her face, so I didn’t grow up knowing about beauty products,” Crawford said in the interview. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t notice beauty, but it is probably why, even to this day, I opt for more natural looks and...keep it simple.”

    The same concept of simplicity applies to her easy shower-time routine. Ahead, discover the supermodel's regimen for clean, exfoliated skin all over.

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    She focuses on exfoliating

    “I’m a big believer in exfoliating my body, and I have more than one way to do it,” said Crawford. To exfoliate properly she uses the Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush or her favorite antibacterial plastic pink shower mitt (similar to this one.)

    Dry brushing has become a popular skincare trend thanks to its ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite while leaving behind super smooth, radiant-looking skin. “Dry brushing is just what it sounds like, said Heidi A Waldorf, M.D., a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai in New York in a previous interview for

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    “Essentially, you take a soft-bristled brush and rub your skin with it in order to scrub off dead skin cells. It’s a basic method of exfoliation,” Dr. Waldorf explains.

    But, she does note that when dry brushing you should only “go for shorter periods, minimal pressure, and no more than once a week.” As soon as you’re finished, make sure you slather on a moisturizing body lotion since exfoliating can lead to dryness, Dr. Waldorf adds.

    Her favorite body wash works to cleanse and condition skin

    Next, Crawford uses the Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash Eucalyptus + Lavender. “It’s the body wash my husband and I both agree on,” she said. “I use that most of the time.”

    Inspired by the essential oils diffused in Turkish hammams, this body wash has a silky, gentle cleansing formula that includes skin-nourishing ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5, sandalwood, lavender, and clary sage which work to smooth and condition the skin. The body wash also includes aromatic oils like French rosemary, Chinese eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon oils that cleanse the skin.

    She washes her hair about every three days

    “Even though I used to think I had to wash my hair every day, as I’ve gotten older, I try to go longer between washes,” said Crawford. To keep her strands clean, she reaches for her Meaningful Beauty Strengthing Shampoo and the Hair Restorative Scalp Treatment.

    Crawford is the founder of Meaningful Beauty and designed an “age-proof” hair care system specifically for those with aging hair concerns like dullness, dryness, and brittle texture. The key ingredients include Amaranth extract complex, which increases shine after one use, and peptides for stronger, thicker, more resilient hair.

    In need of some more beauty products to upgrade your routine? Shop more of Cindy Crawford’s must-haves below.

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