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Common Allergy Conditions & Treatment. What are allergies? Allergies are atypical reactions by a person's immune system against a typically harmless substance, ...

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Effects of Allergies on Your Other Medical Conditions - Virginia ENT

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Nov 18, 2019 · Because allergic reactions kick off the inflammatory process in the nose, sinus, and ears, they can exacerbate other conditions that cause ...

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Related Medical Conditions | Food Allergy Research & Education

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It is possible for a person to have both a food allergy and a related condition, such as eosinophilic esophagitis or oral allergy syndrome.

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What are the 10 most common allergies?

10 Common Allergy Triggers

1 / 10. Your Overactive Immune System. Many things can trigger an allergic reaction. ...

2 / 10. Pollen. ...

3 / 10. Animal Dander. ...

4 / 10. Dust Mites. ...

5 / 10. Insect Stings. ...

6 / 10. Mold. ...

7 / 10. Food. ...

8 / 10. Latex.

Common Allergy Triggers - WebMD > allergies > slideshow-common-allergy-triggers

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What are 4 common causes of allergies?

Common allergy triggers include:

Airborne allergens, such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites and mold.

Certain foods, particularly peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, eggs and milk.

Insect stings, such as from a bee or wasp.

Medications, particularly penicillin or penicillin-based antibiotics.

Allergies - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic > allergies > symptoms-causes > syc-20351497

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What are the worst symptoms of allergies?

Severe Allergy Symptoms (Anaphylaxis)

Itching of eyes or face.

Varying degrees of swelling of the mouth, throat, and tongue that can make breathing and swallowing difficult.


Abdominal pain.




Mental confusion or dizziness.

Symptoms of an Allergy - WebMD > allergies > allergy-symptoms

What are examples of allergies?

Common allergies

grass and tree pollen – an allergy to these is known as hay fever (allergic rhinitis)

dust mites.

animal dander, tiny flakes of skin or hair.

food – particularly nuts, fruit, shellfish, eggs and cows' milk.

insect bites and stings.

medicines – including ibuprofen, aspirin and certain antibiotics.

Allergies - NHS > conditions > allergies

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