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Appendicitis is a painful swelling of the appendix (a small, thin pouch connected to the large intestine). Learn about appendicitis symptoms and treatments.

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Pediatric Appendicitis - Conditions and Treatments | Children's National Hospital

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Appendicitis is a painful swelling, inflammation and infection of the appendix. Learn more about this medical emergency.

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What other conditions can mimic appendicitis?

Appendicitis mimics requiring consideration include: ectopic pregnancy, ovarian/testicular torsion, pelvic inflammatory disease/TOA, terminal ileitis, cecal diverticulitis, cecal volvulus, gastroduodenal perforation, intussusception, Crohn's Disease, ureterolithiasis, cholecystitis, etc. – Emergency Medicine EducationAppendicitis Mimics: ED ... > appendicitis-mimics-ed-focused-management

How do you rule out appendicitis?

There's no blood test to identify appendicitis. A blood sample can show an increase in your white blood cell count, which points to an infection. Your doctor also may order an abdominal or pelvic CT scan or X-rays. Doctors typically use ultrasound to diagnose appendicitis in children.

How to Tell If That Pain Is Your Appendix – Health Essentials from ... > how-to-tell-if-that-pain-is-your-appendix

What can trigger appendicitis?

What causes appendicitis?

Blockage of the opening inside the appendix.

enlarged tissue in the wall of your appendix, caused by infection in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract or elsewhere in your body.

inflammatory bowel disease.

stool, parasites, or growths that can clog your appendiceal lumen.

trauma to your abdomen.

Symptoms & Causes of Appendicitis | NIDDK > Health Information > Digestive Diseases > Appendicitis

What are symptoms of appendix problems?


Sudden pain that begins on the right side of the lower abdomen.

Sudden pain that begins around your navel and often shifts to your lower right abdomen.

Pain that worsens if you cough, walk or make other jarring movements.

Nausea and vomiting.

Loss of appetite.

Appendicitis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic > appendicitis > symptoms-causes > syc-20369543

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