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a persistent cough that usually brings up phlegm (sputum)


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What is the life expectancy for bronchiectasis?

Prognosis. However, there continues to be a significant reduction in life expectancy in patients with bronchiectasis. 10%of adults with non-CF bronchiectasis die within 5-8 years of diagnosis, with the cause of death being respiratory in over half of those.

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Is bronchiectasis a serious illness?

Bronchiectasis is a serious condition. Without treatment, it can lead to respiratory failure or heart failure. Early diagnosis and treatment, however, can help people to manage the symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening. A person with bronchiectasis will have a persistent cough.

Bronchiectasis: Symptoms, causes, and risk factors

What are the signs and symptoms of bronchiectasis?

Symptoms of bronchiectasis can take months or even years to develop. Some typical symptoms include: chronic daily cough. coughing up blood. abnormal sounds or wheezing in the chest with breathing. shortness of breath. chest pain. coughing up large amounts of thick mucus every day.

Bronchiectasis: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Is bronchiectasis the same as COPD?

Bronchiectasis is not the same as COPD. Bronchiectasis is caused by many different conditions. Many patients with bronchiectasis have never smoked, whilst COPD is caused by smoking fairly heavily. It is important to note that some patients develop bronchiectasis as a complication of COPD.

Living your life with Bronchiectasis | FAQ's

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