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Bulimia is a serious mental illness where people lose control over their eating and evaluate themselves according to their body shape and weight.


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Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating & Other Eating Disorder Treatment

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Bulimia.com isn't just about helping people suffering with Bulimia Nervosa, we provide information for anorexia, binge eating and any other eating disorder. Don ... Treatment · Eating Disorders · Research · About AAC


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Bulimia: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

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May 10, 2020 · Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a person has regular episodes of eating a very large amount of food (bingeing) during which the ...


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What are the warning signs of bulimia?

What are the Warning Signs of Bulimia?

Episodes of binge eating.

Self-induced vomiting.

Smelling like vomit.

Misuse of laxatives and diuretics.

Complaining about body image.

Expressing guilt or shame about eating.



Warning Signs of Bulimia: Signs & Symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa fairwindstreatment.com > eating-disorders > warning-signs-of-bulimia

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What qualifies bulimia?

Bulimia: Also called bulimia nervosa. An eating disorder characterized by episodes of secretive excessive eating (binge-eating) followed by inappropriate methods of weight control, such as self-induced vomiting (purging), abuse of laxatives and diuretics, or excessive exercise.

Medical Definition of Bulimia - MedicineNet

www.medicinenet.com > bulimia > definition

What does bulimia look like?

While someone coping with bulimia may not look like they are starving to death on the outside, the tell-tale signs are discoloration of teeth, red blood-shot eyes, puffy cheeks and neck calluses on knuckles from induced vomiting, and weight fluctuation(3).

Identification of the Signs of Bulimia in Family or Loved One

www.eatingdisorderhope.com > bulimia > identifying-signs-family-friends

What does bulimia do to your face?

Face swelling is one of the Bulimia effects sufferers find most distressing: sometimes described as 'Bulimia face,' the swelling can make people feel their face 'looks fat'. What is taking place is the body's reaction to self-induced vomiting and the dehydration it causes.

The Physical & Long Term Effects of Bulimia | Schoen Clinic - Schoen ...

www.schoen-clinic.co.uk > eating-disorders > help-and-support > the-physi...

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