Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Symptoms and Diagnosis

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Feb 10, 2021 · What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? ... Chronic fatigue syndrome goes by many names, including CFS, myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue ...

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What does a CFS crash feel like?

Some people with CFS/ME "crash" – experience a period of immobilizing physical and/or mental fatigue. This often happens when a person is "overloaded" physically, mentally or emotionally. Some people with CFS have virus-like symptoms. They feel "unwell" and feverish, have a sore throat and swollen lymph glands.

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How do you beat chronic fatigue syndrome?

Try these energy boosters to fight your fatigue:

1. Treat any underlying physical illness that's causing the fatigue.

2. Get needed rest.

3. Cut back on your responsibilities.

4. Exercise regularly and eat well.

5. Drink enough water.

6. Use relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.

7. Take multivitamins.

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What mimics chronic fatigue syndrome?

Similar Medical Conditions A number of illnesses have been described that have a similar spectrum of symptoms to CFS. These include fibromyalgia syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, neurasthenia, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic mononucleosis.

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Can you have mild chronic fatigue syndrome?

CFS/ME symptoms can be considered: mild – you're able to carry out everyday activities, such as work, studies or housework, but with difficulty; you may need to give up hobbies or social activities so you can rest in your spare time.

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