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Sense is a charity that supports people who have complex disabilities, including deafblindness, to communicate and experience the world. We believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

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List A – Conditions which are likely to meet the disability ...

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14. List A - Conditions which are likely to meet the disability requirements in section 24 of the NDIS Act. Intellectual disability diagnosed and assessed as moderate, severe or profound in accordance with current DSM criteria (e.g. IQ 55 points or less and severe deficits in adaptive functioning).

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What is the most common cause of deafblindness?

The most common genetic cause of deaf-blindness is Usher syndrome. Individuals with Usher experience hearing loss and have a progressive visual condition called retinitis pigmentosa (RP), which may first manifest itself as difficulty seeing at night or in poorly lit environments.

Common Causes of Combined Vision and Hearing Loss - HKNC > hknc > common-causes-0

How many types of syndrome is associated with deafblindness?

Three major types, I, II, and III, have been identified.

Causes of Deaf-Blindness | National Center on Deaf-Blindness > info-center > overview > causes

Is deafblindness genetic?

Acquired deafblindness can be related to a specific genetic condition from birth that wasn't detected until later in life, or occur as a result of illness or an accident. Age-related deafblindness is the most common cause of acquired deafblindness followed by Usher Syndrome.

Causes & Conditions | Anne Sullivan Foundation for People who are ... > advice-information > causes-conditions

What are the types of deafblindness?

The two broad types of deafblindness are:

Congenital deafblindness is a term used if a person is born with a sight and hearing impairment. ...

Acquired deafblindness is a term used if a person experiences sight and hearing loss later in life.

What is deafblindness? | Sense > content > introduction-deafblindness

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