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The condition has many causes, so patients with signs or symptoms of dementia should get a comprehensive examination to determine the underlying diagnosis.

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What are the 5 types of dementia?

Types of Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease.

Vascular Dementia.

Dementia With Lewy Bodies (DLB)

Parkinson's Disease Dementia.

Mixed Dementia.

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)

Huntington's Disease.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Types of Dementia Explained - WebMD > alzheimers > guide > alzheimers-dementia

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What are the 7 stages of dementia?

What Are the Seven Stages of Dementia?

Stage 1 (No cognitive decline)

Stage 2 (Very mild cognitive decline)

Stage 3 (Mild cognitive decline)

Stage 4 (Moderate cognitive decline)

Stage 5 (Moderately severe cognitive decline)

Stage 6 (Severe cognitive decline):

Stage 7 (Very severe cognitive decline):

What Are the Seven Stages of Dementia? - MedicineNet > what_are_the_seven_stages_of_dementia > article

What is dementia syndrome?

Dementia is a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities. Although dementia mainly affects older people, it is not a normal part of ageing. Worldwide, around 50 million people have dementia, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year.

Dementia - WHO | World Health Organization > Newsroom > Fact sheets > Detail

What are the main cause of dementia?

Common causes of dementia are:

Alzheimer's disease. This is the most common cause of dementia.

Vascular dementia. ...

Parkinson's disease. ...

Dementia with Lewy bodies. ...

Frontotemporal dementia. ...

Severe head injury.

Dementia Causes | Stanford Health Care > medical-conditions > brain-and-nerves > causes

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