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Aug 20, 2021 · Gallstones are hard pieces of material that can form in your gallbladder ... Certain conditions cause your liver to make too much bilirubin, ... Diagnosis and treatment · Gallbladder cleanse: A 'natural ... · Gallstones

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Gallstones are lumps of solid material that form in your gallbladder. They are made when the digestive juice called bile gets hard and stone-like.

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Gallstones are small stones, usually made of cholesterol, that form in the gallbladder. In most cases, they do not cause any symptoms and do not need to be ...

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Gallstones are lumps of solid material that form in your gallbladder. They are made when the digestive juice called bile gets hard and stone-like.

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Feb 16, 2020 · Gallstones are pieces of solid material that form in your gallbladder, a small organ under your liver. Learn more about the types, causes, ... Symptoms of Gallstones · Treatment for Gallstones · Gallbladder Surgery

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Oct 7, 2019 · These stones can also cause pancreatitis, a painful condition caused by inflammation of the pancreas. Stones in the common bile duct can be ...

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Some conditions, such as liver damage and certain blood disorders, cause your liver to produce more bilirubin than it should. Pigment gallstones form when ...

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What are gallstones? · cholesterol stones · Women are more likely to develop gallstones than men. · cirrhosis, a condition in which your liver slowly breaks down ...

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If gallstones block your bile ducts, bile could build up in your gallbladder, causing a gallbladder attack, sometimes called biliary colic.

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Sep 21, 2020 · Gallstones can be hard to diagnose because they share symptoms with other conditions. Your doctor will do a physical exam to look for signs ...

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Gallstones are small, stone-like objects that form when the liquid in the gallbladder hardens. This liquid is called bile. It helps the body digest fats.

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Jan 27, 2021 · Most gallbladder problems occur when a gallstone blocks one of the bile ... other conditions can prevent bile from moving within bile ducts.

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If the gallstones have caused a gallbladder infection, the person with the condition may have a fever and experience shivering. In the majority of gallstone ...

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Gallstones are parts of the bile stored in the gallbladder, such as cholesterol and bilirubin, hardened into solid matter. Symptoms can be pain in the upper ...

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cirrhosis—a condition in which the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic, or long lasting, injury · infections in the bile ducts · severe ...

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“Gallbladder disease” is a broad term used to describe many conditions, ... Biliary colic (gallbladder attack): Gallstones can temporarily block bile flow, ...

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Jun 14, 2021 · Gallstones are often found during imaging tests for other health conditions. If you do not have symptoms, you usually do not need treatment.

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Gallstones are solid pieces of material that form in the gallbladder, which is the sac located on the undersurface of the liver.

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Gallstones are lumps of solid material that form in the gallbladder. ... gallstones are often found by chance during investigations of unrelated conditions.

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Jul 10, 2017 · Gallstones may lodge in the bile ducts and block the release of bile causing a ... a common condition known as acute cholecystitis, or acute ...


What conditions cause gallstones?

Certain conditions cause your liver to make too much bilirubin, including liver cirrhosis, biliary tract infections and certain blood disorders. The excess bilirubin contributes to gallstone formation. Your gallbladder doesn't empty correctly.

Gallstones - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic > gallstones > symptoms-causes > syc-20354214

What is the most common complication of gallstones?

Acute pancreatitis may develop when a gallstone moves out of the gallbladder and blocks the opening (duct) of the pancreas, causing it to become inflamed. The most common symptom of acute pancreatitis is a sudden severe dull pain in the centre of your upper abdomen, around the top of your stomach.

Complications - - - Gallstones - NHS > conditions > gallstones > complications

What are the 3 types of gallstones?

The traditional classification scheme classified gallstones into 3 types according to cholesterol content, including cholesterol stone (cholesterol content ≥70%), pigment stone (cholesterol content ≤30%) and mixed stone (30% ≤cholesterol content ≤70%) [17].

The Systematic Classification of Gallbladder Stones - NCBI > pmc > articles > PMC3790764

Can gallstones cause serious problems?

The possible complications of gallstones include inflammation of the gallbladder, bile duct or pancreas and obstruction of the bowel. Very large gallstones may increase the risk of gallbladder cancer and bile duct cancer.

Complications of gallstones - - NCBI Bookshelf > books > NBK424898

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