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Feb 21, 2019 · Ganglion cysts are smooth, soft, benign masses that are usually located on the wrist (dorsal or volar aspect) with one or more communicating stalks into the wrist joint or surrounding structures. They can be single or multi-loculated and are filled with viscous, sticky, mucinous fluid.

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What happens if you leave a ganglion cyst untreated?

Ganglion cyst complications If left untreated, complications can occur. The most common complication is infection. If the cyst fills with bacteria, it will become an abscess that could burst inside the body and lead to blood poisoning.

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Should I worry about a ganglion cyst?

While ganglion cysts are rarely anything to worry about, they should be examined and treated by a qualified physician. The doctor may need to draw out some fluid or run an ultrasound test in order to verify that it is a cyst.

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Is a ganglion cyst hard or soft?

Ganglia are usually (but not always) firm to the touch. Some people report that the fluid-filled cysts as soft.

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What is the best treatment for a ganglion cyst?


Immobilization. Because activity can cause the ganglion cyst to get larger, it may help to temporarily immobilize the area with a brace or splint. ...

Aspiration. In this procedure, your doctor uses a needle to drain the fluid from the cyst. ...

Surgery. This may be an option if other approaches haven't worked.

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