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Sep 28, 2020 · Seasonal allergic rhinitis known as hay fever is caused by pollen carried in the air during different times of the year in different parts ...


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How do you know if you have hay fever or just a cold?

A cold can include a sore throat, coughing, and in more severe cases, a fever. Hay fever usually involves itchy or watery eyes. A cold usually lasts one to two weeks, while hay fever can last for weeks or months, depending on the pollen count. The higher the pollen count, the worse the symptoms will be.

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What is the best cure for hayfever?

Best hay fever relief: 15 different methods

Buy some hay fever tablets, aka antihistamines. ...

Buy Corticosteroid nasal sprays and drops. ...

Buy a nasal decongestant. ...

Buy a cellulose powder nasal spray. ...

Buy some eye drops. ...

Buy a nasal balm or salve. ...

Have a spoonful of honey. ...


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How long can hay fever last?

Hay fever will last for weeks or months, unlike a cold, which usually goes away after 1 to 2 weeks.

Hay fever - NHS

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What triggers hay fever?

Hay fever is caused by the nose and/or eyes coming into contact with environmental allergens, such as pollens, dust mite, moulds and animal hair. Most people associate hay fever with spring, when airborne grass pollens are at their peak. This is known as seasonal allergic rhinitis or spring hay fever.

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