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Aug 31, 2021 · Symptoms · Bleeding easily · Bruising easily · Fatigue · Poor appetite · Yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes (jaundice) · Dark-colored urine ... Diagnosis and treatment · Hepatitis C: How common is ... · What people living with ...

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For people who develop symptoms, they usually happen 2–12 weeks after exposure to the ... What is hepatitis C? · What are the symptoms of chronic (long-term) hepatitis C?

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Most people with chronic HCV infection are asymptomatic or have non-specific symptoms such as chronic fatigue and depression. Many eventually develop chronic ...

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Nov 7, 2020 · Early Signs and Symptoms of Acute Hepatitis C · Belly pain · Clay-colored poop · Dark urine · Fatigue · Fever · Jaundice (yellow tint to your skin or ...

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Aug 23, 2021 · What Are the Symptoms of Hepatitis C? · Clay-colored poop · Dark urine · Fever · Fatigue · Jaundice (a condition that causes yellow eyes and skin, as ...

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May 7, 2021 · What do hepatitis C symptoms look like? · mental confusion (often called 'brain fog') and depression – these are specific to hepatitis C ...

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Oct 29, 2020 · The average time to develop symptoms is 6 to 7 weeks after acquiring the virus. Those newly infected with hepatitis C may experience mild-to- ...

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fever · dark urine · loss of appetite · abdominal pain or discomfort; joint pain · nausea · jaundice. The symptoms may not show up right away.

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hep c · Persistent fatigue · Chronic abdominal pain · Abnormally decreased urine output · Inability to urinate · Urine breath odor · Mottled or uneven, patchy skin ...

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Early symptoms of hepatitis C may include dark urine, yellow eyes, or clay-colored stools though this is unusual. Over time, people with chronic HCV infection ...

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Hepatitis C Symptoms in Infants and Children · Fatigue · Loss of appetite · Jaundice (yellowing of the eyes and skin) · Darker colored urine · Abdominal pain · Aches ...

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Jul 27, 2021 · Following initial infection, approximately 80% of people do not exhibit any symptoms. Those who are acutely symptomatic may exhibit fever, ...

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Hepatitis C Symptoms · Fatigue · Myalgia (muscle pain) · Anorexia · Nausea and/or vomiting · Fever · Cough · Abdominal pain and/or diarrhea · Dark urine and light stool ...

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If you do develop symptoms related to Hepatitis C, they're generally mild and flu-like and may include: Feeling very tired; Sore muscles; Joint pain; Fever ...

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Symptoms · Pain in the right upper abdomen · Abdominal swelling due to fluid (ascites) · Clay-colored or pale stools · Dark urine · Fatigue · Fever · Itching · Jaundice ...

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What are the symptoms of hepatitis C? · Dark yellow urine · Fatigue · Fever · Gray- or clay-colored stools · Joint pain · Loss of appetite · Nausea and/or vomiting ...

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The most common early symptoms are mild fever, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Later symptoms may include dark ...

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Apr 11, 2019 · What are the symptoms of hepatitis C? · Achiness in the joints or muscles · Mild fatigue (feeling tired) · Nausea (feeling sick to the stomach) ...

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Acute hepatitis C · a fever · fatigue · abdominal pain · loss of appetite · nausea or vomiting · dark urine · clay-colored stool · joint pain ...


How do u know if u have hep C?

A blood test, called an HCV antibody test, is used to find out if someone has ever been infected with the hepatitis C virus. This test, sometimes called the anti-HCV test, looks for antibodies, which are proteins released into the bloodstream when someone gets infected with the virus that causes hepatitis C.

What is Hepatitis C - FAQ | CDC

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How long can you have Hep C without knowing?

Delayed symptoms Some people may develop hepatitis C symptoms within two weeks of infection. Others might experience a longer delay before noticing symptoms. It could take from 6 months to 10 years or more before someone with the virus becomes aware of any symptoms.

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Is Hep C really curable?

Today, chronic HCV is usually curable with oral medications taken every day for two to six months. Still, about half of people with HCV don't know they're infected, mainly because they have no symptoms, which can take decades to appear.

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Can Hep C go away on its own?

Can hepatitis C go away on its own? Yes. From 15% to 20% of people with hep C clear it from their bodies without treatment. It's more likely to happen in women and people who have symptoms.

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