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Jul 25, 2019 · It is sometimes called Raynaud's phenomenon or syndrome. Symptoms of Raynaud's disease. The reduced blood flow causes your skin to turn ...


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Raynaud's phenomenon can cause your hands and feed to numb and possibly turn white. Learn what causes this disease & how to avoid attacks.


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What is the difference between Raynaud's disease and Raynaud's phenomenon?

In primary Raynaud's (also called Raynaud's disease), the cause isn't known. Primary Raynaud's is more common and tends to be less severe than secondary Raynaud's. Secondary Raynaud's is caused by an underlying disease, condition, or other factor. This type of Raynaud's is often called Raynaud's phenomenon.

Raynaud's | NHLBI, NIH

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Is Raynaud's a symptom of something else?

Spasms of blood vessels happen in response to cold, stress, or emotional upset. Secondary causes of Raynaud's include lupus, scleroderma, and other diseases. Symptoms of Raynaud's include fingers that turn pale or white then blue when exposed to cold, or during stress or emotional upset.

Raynaud's Phenomenon | Johns Hopkins Medicine

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How Serious Is Raynaud's Phenomenon?

When blood flow returns, the skin turns red, and may throb or tingle. In very rare, severe cases, the loss of blood flow can cause ulcers or tissue death, but usually, Raynaud's is not dangerous—it's just painful and frustrating.

The Cold Truth About Raynaud's - Penn Medicine

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How do you fix Raynaud's phenomenon?

To widen blood vessels and increase blood flow, your doctor might prescribe: Calcium channel blockers. These drugs relax and open small blood vessels in your hands and feet, reducing the severity and number of attacks in most people with Raynaud's. These drugs can also help heal skin ulcers on your fingers or toes.

Raynaud's disease - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

www.mayoclinic.org > diagnosis-treatment > drc-20363572

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