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Nov 13, 2019 · Find out if skin rashes are contagious, discover how rashes spread, and learn when to seek medical care for a rash. Learn about viral rashes, bacterial rashes, milarial rashes, and various forms of dermatitis. Discover the symptoms, causes, and treatment of contagious rashes.

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How do I know if my child's rash is serious?

If the rash doesn't disappear or turn white and has dark purple or red blotches (non-blanching), it could be serious. If that's the case, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately to rule out more serious medical conditions.

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What causes a rash all over a child's body?

Generalized rashes over the whole body that are caused by viruses are more common in babies and young children than in adults. A rash may be caused by a viral illness if the child also has a cold, a cough, or diarrhea, or is in a daycare setting where he or she is with other children with viral illnesses.

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When should I be concerned about my child's rash?

Call Your Doctor. If your child has an unexplained rash, don't hesitate to call their doctor. It's better to talk to them about a rash (even if it ends up being nothing serious) than missing symptoms of a serious illness.

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How can you tell if a rash is serious?

If you have a rash and notice any of the following symptoms, see a board-certified dermatologist or go to the emergency room immediately:


The rash is all over your body. ...


You have a fever with the rash. ...


The rash is sudden and spreads rapidly. ...


The rash begins to blister. ...


The rash is painful. ...


The rash is infected.

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