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Swollen Glands in the Neck Getting Started. Welcome to our Decision Guide on Swollen Glands in the Neck. The term "swollen glands" usually refers to enlarged lymph nodes. In fact, lymph nodes are not actually glands. They are small bundles of white blood cells that are present in multiple areas throughout our body.

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Feb 18, 2021 · Because swollen lymph nodes are usually linked to some type of illness, you might also have other symptoms, depending on what that illness is: Runny nose, sore throat, or fever (caused by an upper ...

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Swollen Glands in Neck Symptoms. You can’t normally feel your own lymph nodes or glands for they normally measure half inch across. It is only when a person is sick which leads to the swollen glands in neck. When it swells it can lead to two to three times larger than their normal size.

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Glands (known as lymph glands or lymph nodes) swell near an infection to help your body fight it. Sometimes a gland on just one side of the body swells. You might also have other symptoms, such as a sore throat, cough or high temperature. Things you can do yourself. Swollen glands should go down within 2 weeks. You can help to ease the symptoms ...

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Additional signs and symptoms of swollen glands include: Pain or tenderness when pressure is applied; Sore throat, fever and or sores in the mouth; Warm, red and swollen skin over the gland; Glands that feel “lumpy” Causes and Concerns. Soft, tender and moveable swollen glands are typically signs of an inflammation or infection.

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Jun 09, 2021 · Swollen glands may accompany a sore throat — which can cause painful swallowing and may feel like there is a soreness, discomfort, pain, or scratchiness in the throat — depending on the cause ...

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Glands become swollen for different reasons. If you have swollen glands because of a virus, they usually get better without treatment. If you’re not sure why you have swollen glands, if they are painful or getting bigger, or if you are feeling unwell, it's a good idea to see your doctor.


What causes swollen glands in the body?

Swollen lymph nodes usually occur as a result of infection from bacteria or viruses. Rarely, swollen lymph nodes are caused by cancer. Your lymph nodes, also called lymph glands, play a vital role in your body's ability to fight off infections.

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How does a swollen gland feel like?

Swollen lymph nodes will feel like soft, round bumps, and they may be the size of a pea or a grape. They might be tender to the touch, which indicates inflammation. In some cases, the lymph nodes will also look larger than usual. Lymph nodes appear in parallel on both sides of the body.

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What does swollen glands in your throat mean?

Lymph nodes usually swell in the area near an infection. If you have strep throat, for example, the lymph nodes in your neck may swell. Sometimes only one lymph node will swell, causing a sore throat on one side. In rare cases, swollen lymph nodes may be a sign of a more severe problem, such cancer or HIV.

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Should I worry about swollen glands in neck?

Usually, swollen lymph nodes aren't a reason to worry. They're simply a sign that your immune system is fighting an infection or illness. But if they're enlarged with no obvious cause, see your doctor to rule out something more serious.

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