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What are common childhood disorders?

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What is the most serious childhood disease?

Diptheria, which begins with a sore throat, is one of the most dangerous childhood diseases. Strep throat and a related infection called scarlet fever are also dangerous childhood illnesses, although modern antibiotics can keep children from developing the most serious symptoms.

What are the Most Dangerous Childhood Diseases? (with pictures)

What disease usually first appears in childhood?

Most instances of the common communicable diseases, such as measles, chicken pox, and mumps, are encountered in childhood. Disorders of nutrition, still of great concern, especially but not exclusively in developing countries, are of extreme importance to the growing and developing child.

Childhood disease and disorder | Britannica

What are common childhood illnesses?

Some common childhood onset chronic illnesses are cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, juvenile diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer. Chronic illness is often a risk factor for developing psychopathologies, due to the psychological toll it takes on the children and their developing brains.

Childhood chronic illness - Wikipedia

What are common childhood disorders?

The most common childhood mental disorders are anxiety disorders, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although less common, developmental disorders and psychotic disorders in children can have a lifelong impact on the child and his or her family.

Mental Illness in Children: Signs, Types, & Causes

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