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How do you make a toolbox in mini worlds?

With bare hands, tap and hold on the wood. A progress bar would show up and it will drop a wood block once the progress bar is full. Walk near the wood block to collect them in your backpack. You can craft a Toolbox when you collect all the wood blocks from a tree.

Newbie Tutorial Day 1 - Official Mini World: CREATA Wiki > wiki > Newbie_Tutorial_Day_1

Where do you find diamonds in mini world?

Diamond can be found in the underground, near the lava levels. Can be mine with iron,gold Pickaxe and diamond,horas copper drill. In Version 1.0, Diamonds can only be found on Horas.

Diamond - Official Mini World Wiki > wiki > Diamond

How do you eat in the mini world?

Tips:Can eat directly. Eating cooked meat can restore more hunger. You can do that by using furnace. ... -In Wild Environment-

1. There are chances you can obtain food by breaking jars;

2. Pumpkins you see in the wild;

3. Break tree leaves might drop fruits.

Newbie Tutorial Day 2 - Official Mini World: CREATA Wiki > wiki > Newbie_Tutorial_Day_2

How do you use the copier in mini world?

There are four steps to use it:

1. Confirm the region. You should confirm the region that you need to fill with the block.

2. Confirm a target block. Find the block you want to fill in the region.

3. Put the Copier on the edge. ...

4. Put the Copier on the other edge.

The Copier — Build the map quickly | by Mini World Dev Captain | Medium > ...

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