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One gets flu like symptoms that constitute as an early sign of a heart attack, which isn’t always obvious. Women tend to feel weak too; and some aren’t even aware they’ve had a heart attack. One has difficulties in swallowing or there is a tightening in the throat, which is often taken as a cold or maybe a sore throat infection.

Covid in schools: Report even mild 'flu-like' symptoms ...

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Jan 26, 2022 · The Health Ministry has urged students to report Covid-19 symptoms to their teachers, warders, or student representatives immediately, even if they are just mild flu-like symptoms. Its director ...

Spleen Pain Symptoms - Health Hearty

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Symptoms of Pain in Spleen Spleen pain itself is a symptom of an underlying issue, and there can be more such signals accompanying it. This includes a pain that may initially be restricted to the upper left region of the abdomen, which later spreads to other parts, resulting in a radiating pain.

Understanding MRSA Symptoms - WebMD

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The symptoms of MRSA infection depend on where you've been infected. MRSA most often appears as a skin infection, like a boil or abscess. It also might infect a …

ALS Symptoms in Women - Her Haleness

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Some of the early symptoms of ALS are listed below. Muscle weakness. Since, the disease attacks motor neurons, which are responsible for the movement of the body, the first signs of disease are exhibited through the malfunctioning of muscles. The person experiences unusual muscle fatigue and weakness, sometimes accompanied with muscle pain.

15 Cancer Symptoms Men Shouldn't Ignore - WebMD

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Take a look at these 15 signs and symptoms. Some are linked more strongly to cancer than others, but all are worth knowing about -- and even talking over with your doctor. 1.

New-Onset Bladder Symptoms in Discharged COVID Patients

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Sep 10, 2021 · There is an association between COVID-19 and new-onset urinary symptoms, including urination up to five times a night and a decreased quality of …

List of Mental Disorders and Symptoms - Psychologenie

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Along with the types, there are many different signs and symptoms associated with these disorders. Note that children mostly suffer from mental disorders due to mental retardation. Several tests show that such abnormal conditions arise because of high stress levels, tension, mental shock, emotional ups and downs, improper growth of the ...

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Hyperthermia: Symptoms, treatment, and causes

Dec 05, 2017 · Hyperthermia is a condition that results in an abnormally high body temperature. It can affect people who work, live, or play sports in a very hot environment. It can lead to dangerous, and ...


What is RSS illness?

Russell Silver Syndrome (RSS), Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR), Small for Gestational Age (SGA); Child Growth Foundation.

Silver-Russell Syndrome. SRS / RSS information - > doctor > silver-russell-syndrome

Is Russell-Silver syndrome a form of dwarfism?

Silver–Russell syndrome (SRS), also called Silver–Russell dwarfism, is a rare congenital growth disorder. In the United States it is usually referred to as Russell–Silver syndrome (RSS), and Silver–Russell syndrome elsewhere. It is one of 200 types of dwarfism and one of five types of primordial dwarfism.

Silver–Russell syndrome - Wikipedia > wiki

Is Russell-Silver syndrome life threatening?

Although adolescents and adults with Russell-Silver syndrome will be shorter than average, the syndrome does not significantly impact life expectancy. Russell-Silver syndrome is now thought to be a genetic disorder, caused by abnormalities in either chromosome 7 or chromosome 11.

Russell-Silver Syndrome Diagnosis and Treatment - Verywell Health > russell-silver-syndrome-2861004

Does Russell-Silver syndrome run in families?

Most cases of Russell-Silver syndrome are sporadic, which means they occur in people with no history of the disorder in their family. Rarely, Russell-Silver syndrome can run in families. In some affected families, the condition appears to have an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.

Russell-Silver syndrome - Genetics - MedlinePlus > Genetics > Genetic Conditions

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